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This article focuses on how The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving energy efficiency, and creating new opportunities for energy efficiency contractors to grow their business.

Leveraging IoT for Energy Savings

Local and regional energy departments are adopting IoT based strategies to create significant energy savings. The ability to effectively track peak usage times has been the key to making this possible. For years, large-energy customers have been charged a varying rate for their energy use, based on how much energy their use during peak usage times. Research shows that the overall effect of this pricing model has led to significant reductions in overall energy use by these businesses. To a great extent, the same hasn’t been true for homeowners. Most homeowners are charged a flat rate. Thanks to the IoT of things, that might be about to change.

Businesses can leverage the IoT in the same way that large energy companies do. Building Management Systems built on an IoT platform automate the collection of data and the use of that data to reduce energy consumption and costs. This new approach is so cost effective, it is even opening the door for small and medium sized businesses to take advantage of IoT controls and automation. With the market expanding in this way, retrofitting of traditional building management systems, with IoT systems, presents a significant and growing opportunity for energy efficiency contractors, and energy efficiency financing.

Energy Saving IoT Connections

There is an abundance of IoT tools and products that are more energy efficient than their traditional counterparts. Examples include everything from actuators and energy sensors to complex devices like industrial circuit breakers. The new, and very large, opportunity for energy efficiency contractors comes when these devices are connected into energy automation systems, or are connected to off-site communications applications to enable real-time monitoring or manual intervention.

IoT Is Disrupting Energy Efficiency Building And Financing

Rapid growth is expected in this sector. Energy efficiency contractors with a financing partner like LED.Finance are prepared to take advantage of new opportunities as they develop. No one can predict with 100 percent certainty where IoT will take us, but we can agree that the opportunities it creates will be game changing. Research indicates that:

  • More than 26 billion IoT connected objects will be installed by 2020.
  • The short-term business opportunity created by IoT is valued at $300 billion.
  • Solutions will be tailored, using multiple technologies from best-of-breed solution providers, rather than single-supplier ecosystems. We believe that this trend provides a particularly large opportunity for energy efficiency contractors who have broad expertise across systems and applications, and deep knowledge of technological options.  

If you are an energy efficiency contractor, call LED.Finance today. Let’s work together to grow your business. Our unique energy efficiency financing programs and products are unique in the market. You won’t find a better partner.