Colorado Contractor

As I mentioned to you previously, I now offer financing on every Proposal that I present. I’ve found it to be an easy transition to go from the product and price discussion directly to the lease options so the potential client doesn’t fixate on the price of the project, but rather on its affordability. The main points I convey are:
1. Easily Affordable – The cost of the project on a monthly basis is covered by the energy savings dollars. Typically, they can be in a positive cash flow situation.
2. Small Down Payment – This is perhaps the #1 reason businesses are afraid to retrofit! Cash flow is tough for many small businesses, and if they are shown a way to accomplish the project with very little out-of-pocket money, it allows them to say yes.
3. Tax Benefits- When I explain the first year tax benefits as well as savings it simply sweetens the deal for many customers. When their accountant verifies the Section 179 tax law, it gives us legitimacy as a professional organization.
All in all, I find that always offering financing sets me apart from much of my competition. I use the worksheets you provide with the lease calculator to show just how easy it can be to get started saving energy dollars right away. I also explain to them “the cost of doing nothing”, and how they will waste money by not acting in a positive manner NOW! I’ve secured projects due to the fact that the client felt I had the most professional presentation compared to the other contractors they have spoken with. My closing percentages have definitely increased with the offering of financing!