Benefits both sides of the construction supply chain!

Using this unique system, contractors and suppliers are able to manage cash-flow in the most efficient way possible to grow their businesses and create new opportunities. This innovative funding solution provides trade credit to contractors and payments to material suppliers directly. Suppliers are paid in as little as 10 days, and contractors are given extended terms so they can pay when they are paid, up to 150 days.


Looking to free up your existing capital to make room for growth or need to extend the period of time between paying for supplies and receiving your project draws?


If you could stop being the bank, reduce risk, lower your DSO, increase your bottom line, all while solidifying the relationship with your customers — what would your business be like?

What you should know about our Trade Credit Funding Program

  • It is not a loan – Trade Credit Funding is an extension of the buyer’s accounts payable and is not considered financial debt. For the supplier, it represents a true sale of their receivables.
  • It is not factoring – 100% of each invoice, minus the early payment discount, is paid to the supplier, and there is no recourse on the supplier once the invoice is paid.
  • Our Trade Credit Program is affordable and costs only a small transaction fee, plus a small monthly carrying charge. Payment can be made by the buyer at any time but must be paid in full within 150 days.
  • Trade Credit finance is not just for large contractors – It provides value for firms of all sizes in a wide variety of construction trades.
  • It does not require a bank – Our program is self-funded by our investor partners and does not require the establishment of a bank account, lock-box, or sweep account.